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Contoh Essay "My Hometown"


My hometown is Kediri city where is located in East Java. Kediri city is the third big city in East Java. Kediri city has a famous name that is “Tahu city”. I would like to describe and explain more about my hometown. This paper will be divided into three main parts, tourism places, traditional foods, and the culture of Kediri city.

Firstly about tourism places of Kediri are Simpang Lima Gumul, Selomangkleng cave, Kelud mountain, Dolo waterfall, Gumul Paradise Island, Ubalan. I give about few of tourism places information. One of the tourism places is Simpang Lima Gumul which is the same as building in Paris. A lot of people visit there. The visitors usually take a picture and spend their spare time on the weekend. Gumul Paradise Island is located west of Simpang Lima Gumul. Dolo waterfall is located in Jugo village, 25 km from the city center of Kediri.  The height of the Dolo waterfall is 1800 m from the sea surface. And then, Ubalan is only one of jungle protection in Kediri city.

Secondly about the traditional food of Kediri. It has traditional food such as Stik Tahu, Gethuk Pisang, Sambal Pecel, and Sambal Tumpang. Stik Tahu is tofu that is cut into rods and fried crispy. The taste is delicious and savory. Sambal Pecel and Sambal Tumpang are chili sauce that tastes a bit spicy.  The main ingredients of Sambal Pecel are chilies and fried peanuts. Sambal Tumpang is a thick soup dish with a unique ingredient, namely rotten tempeh. Sambal Tumpang is usually eaten with rice, boiled vegetables, and Peyek. Gethuk Pisang is made from bananas that are steamed and then mashed. The taste is sweet. All of the traditional food is recommended to try.

Lastly about the culture of Kediri. This city has a variety of cultures and rituals that are still preserved today, namely Larung Sesaji Gunung Kelud, Jaranan Arts, and other cultures. Larung Sesaji is a form of gratitude for the harvest of fruits and vegetables that have been obtained by distributing their harvests such as pineapple, banana, sweet potato, jackfruit, and others, and aims to ask God for protection. Jaranan art is an art form that depicts the gallantry of the cavalry during the royal period which was tasked with eradicating rage.

In conclusion about my hometown, my hometown is recommended to visit because Kediri city has delicious traditional foods, many tourist places, and interesting cultures.

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